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About Turn The Page KC in Kansas City

Collection of assorted books  

Turn the Page KC was founded in 2011. This non-profit organization focuses on the critical issue of reading proficiency. The organization shares that reading proficiency by the end of third grade is an accurate indicator of future academic success. However, about half of the students in Kansas City, Missouri, are struggling with this. To address this fact, Turn the Page KC strives to help students reach a comfortable reading proficiency that sets them up for maximum academic success later on.

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Cadillac Lyriq Debut

Introducing the Cadillac LYRIQ

We are thrilled to announce the official debut of the Cadillac LYRIQ, which was unveiled to the world on Aug. 6, 2020. This is Cadillac's first electric SUV, and with its masterful balance between contemporary luxury and powerful engineering, this will be the SUV that you have been hoping to find.

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