Spring 2022 Auto Maintenance Tips  

After you spend a lot of time on the road during the winter season, it's time to perform maintenance on your vehicle to get it ready for spring. Routine maintenance is necessary to avoid potential issues under the hood and prevent them from losing value. As a driver, there are a few auto maintenance tips worth following.

Wash the Interior and Exterior

Salt and snow on the road can cause your car's exterior and undercarriage to become dirty and accumulate a film of grime. Thoroughly washing the exterior can protect the paint on the car and prevent it from looking dull. Check for any areas where rust has formed or where the paint has chipped off on the car. Use a touch-up paint pen to restore the quality of the paint and make it look new again.

The interior of your car also needs attention, which requires vacuuming the seats and floor mats. You can also hose off the floormats in your driveway to remove mud and dirt. Additionally, dusting off the dashboard, doors, and controls with a damp rag will create a clean setting.

Check Your Emergency Kit

Look through your emergency kit to determine what items need to be replaced. Your flashlight may need new batteries, or there may be more bottles of water that are needed. Remove any items you won't need in the spring, which includes winter boots, tire chains, and shovels.

Top Off the Fluids

The engine can only operate well if there are enough fluids and the engine oil is changed at the right time. You'll need to change your oil after driving 5,000 to 7,500 miles, depending on what your owner's manual recommends. You can also top off the transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid to stay safe on the road.

Check Your Tires

Take a close look at your tires and perform the penny test to determine if they have enough tread present. Place a penny in the tread and check to see if the rubber touches Abraham Lincoln's hair. If the tread is lower than his hair, then it's time to replace the tires. You can also rely on a mechanic to test your alignment if your steering wheel tends to turn while you drive.

Reach out to our professional team to learn additional tips to perform in the spring season to keep your car running well. We can offer our advice and help you increase the lifespan of your vehicle.

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