2023 Cadillac CT4 Exterior

What's New for the 2023 Cadillac CT4 Vehicle?

The main new options for this vehicle include three new paint colors. These are the Argent Silver Metallic, Radiant Red Tintcoat, and the Midnight Steel Metallic.

The 2023 CT4 Features As Well As Trims

The first trim level is called the Luxury, which should tell you something about this Cadillac in general. This trim level gets you access to Rear Well Drive or All Wheel Drive. It also has many options to help you use your smartphone here, like wireless charging and connectivity.

The next is called Premium Luxury. You get upgraded cruise control and some turbo 4 options with 310 horsepower. Next is the Sport. This one gives you more powerful brakes and a self-driving aid.

2023 Cadillac CT4 Interior

What's the Horsepower for the 2023 CT4?

If you upgrade to higher trims, you can get up to 325 horsepower. You also get the 10-speed transmission.

What Safety Features Are Available for the 2023 CT4?

The first standard safety feature is automatic emergency braking. This comes with pedestrian detection. This comes with all vehicles. It stops the vehicle for you if it detects an obstacle or even a person. Another standard feature with every vehicle is the lane-departure warning and assist. On longer drives, you can have the vehicle make sure you stay in your lane without having to worry about it yourself.

Finally, there's an option for adaptive cruise control and even semi-autonomous driving mode for certain roads in certain situations. This is available for certain trims like Premium Luxury or Sport. This way, you can have your car partly drive for you for repetitive parts of the road. This helps relieve some of the burdens if you're driving over long periods. This will make the experience much easier.

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