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How Often Should I Service My Cadillac CT5?

Regardless of whether you buy your vehicle new or used, you'll need to make sure that it has proper care and maintenance for longevity and to avoid potentially more costly repairs later on. Your Cadillac CT5, like any car, has a specified recommended service schedule based on mileage. Generally, maintenance inspections start with just a few components, but they are more in-depth as the car ages since parts naturally begin to wear down over time. For the most accurate service schedule, check the owner's manual that comes with your car. Even a CT5 of a certain trim level or model year may have slightly different maintenance requirements, which is why it's essential to follow the guidelines of your exact vehicle.

15,000 Miles

Your Cadillac CT5 maintenance schedule starts at the 15,000-mile mark. A Cadillac technician will give your car a multi-point inspection to look for early signs of any possible issues in your vehicle. The tires will be inspected for signs of uneven wear. If the treads have worn out unevenly, a Cadillac technician will rotate or balance the tires to ensure they don't wear out too quickly. A Cadillac mechanic will check the engine's oil, and the filter in the engine may be due for replacement if it is clogged or dirty.

45,000 Miles

Cadillac uses 30,000-mile service intervals for its CT5 model, which means your car is due for its next major inspection around 45,000 miles. At 45,000 miles, a Cadillac technician will add a few more features to the inspection list. The transfer case fluid and the fluid for the front and back axles will be checked and flushed if necessary. A Cadillac technician may replace the air cabin's filter as well, along with the transmission fluid if you drive an automatic. The emission control system and air cleaner will also be inspected and possibly replaced.

60,000 Miles

Your Cadillac's next scheduled maintenance will be around 60,000 miles. Any services that were not performed at 45,000 miles will likely be performed at 60,000 miles. The tires may also be rotated, and the Cadillac's oil might need to be changed. A Cadillac technician will likely test the battery to ensure it's in optimal working condition. The spark plugs are due for a check at 60,000 miles, along with the wiring that goes with the spark plugs.

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