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How Often Should I Service My Cadillac XT5?

Your Cadillac XT5, as with any car, needs routine service to ensure that it is safe and operating smoothly. However, your Cadillac's required services may differ from the services that another vehicle needs, which is why you should follow the Cadillac XT5 maintenance schedule found in the owner's manual. Cadillac XT5 service intervals start at 15,000 miles and continue through 90,000 miles. Additionally, your vehicle will be due for an oil change about every 7,500 miles.

15,000-Mile Service

When your Cadillac reaches 15,000 miles, it will need an appointment for a second oil change. The engine filter may be replaced so that it prevents contaminated air from circulating through the engine. The tires will be inspected at 15,000 miles as well to check their overall condition. A mechanic will want to make sure that the tires are filled to the right pressure level and aren't worn out unevenly. The Cadillac's tires will probably be rotated at this point.

30,000-Mile Service

At 30,000 miles, a mechanic will repeat the services that your car had performed at 15,000 miles. The engine filter will be replaced again, and the car will have another oil change. The tires will once again be checked and rotated. The air filter in the cabin will be replaced at 30,000 miles to ensure clean air circulates through it. A Cadillac mechanic will do a general multi-point inspection to look at the condition of the hoses, belts, connections, and exterior safety components, including the lights and wipers.

60,000-Mile Service

At 60,000 miles, your car will have the oil changed again, and the tires rotated. The air filter in the cabin may also get replaced likewise. The spark plugs may be due for replacement at this point, and the spark plug wires will be checked. If your car has a positraction differential, the axle fluid in the rear axle is replaced at this point. A Cadillac technician will check your vehicle's battery to see how much life it has remaining and make sure it doesn't have any corrosion or leaks.

90,000-Mile Service

More services are performed on the Cadillac at 90,000 miles. If your Cadillac XT5 has an automatic transmission, the transmission fluid will be flushed and replaced. The transmission filter will be replaced, and the engine's coolant fluid will also be flushed out and replaced. The engine accessory drive belts are evaluated for cracks, fraying, excessive wear, and other damage signs.

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