Cadillac Engine Not Working

When Your Car Won't Start

The dreaded moment arrives for nearly every car owner in America. You turn the ignition key or push your button to start, and nothing happens. For someone cranking a key, this can be especially unnerving, with clicks or vibrations or the sound of a very sick car. What causes a vehicle to refuse to start? Our auto service center has a few estimates as to what is causing this unpleasant situation for you.

1. Starter:

Your starter is an electric motor hooked up to your battery or another power source. A click or other unnerving noise when you turn your key might indicate that your starter is struggling.

2. Battery:

Your battery houses and distributes the power your vehicle needs to run vital functions such as your stereo, AC/heating systems, and power windows. It also supplies the spark that starts your engine. If your battery is dying or dead, prepare for annoying car start issues. In a worst-case scenario, your car battery will die completely, and your car won't start.

3. Gasoline:

Fuel isn't optional on a motor vehicle. You either have it, or the car doesn't start (barring your model being an all-electric or hybrid model). It's not unusual for a person to forget when they last filled up. If you've lost track of your fuel consumption and enjoyed a hearty round of driving recently, you need to check your fuel gauge. It might just be on empty.

4. Ignition:

If your headlights turn on but your vehicle won't, your ignition might be in trouble. This elaborate system is responsible for igniting that spark you need to start the vehicle. It works with the battery and spark plugs to create your start. A bad ignition is a sign that you need to visit a professional auto service system.

5. Fuel Filter:

Fuel filters usually function properly and allow a healthy flow of fuel to reach the engine. If they become jammed, the gasoline will be stuck/backed up and never reach the engine. Your car will mistakenly think it's out of gas. And technically, it is. If your gas can't reach the engine, it's time to reach an auto mechanic.

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