100 years of cadillac

Over 100 Years of Cadillac Innovations

Cadillac is known for its cutting-edge designs for its automobiles. However, just as important is the technological progressiveness of the brand. The past 100 years of innovative technology development have maintained Cadillacs leading global status. Today's perfected design concepts still reflect the vision of the Cadillac engineer, Henry M. Leland, who founded the company in 1902.

Cadillac Innovations and Recognition

Founder and engineer Henry M. Leland perfected the original Ransom E. Olds plans for a single-cylinder 3.7 hp engine. Then, at the Leland and Faulconer Company, he and his partner created an engine based upon the original Olds design that created 10.3 hp. Ultimately, Leland and partners formed the Cadillac Automobile Company in 1902 to produce the powerful 10.3 hp engine for automobile bodies and chassis.

An article in Popular Mechanics in 1958 inquired of automotive historians to list milestones in the development of the automobile. Cadillac was recognized as the only manufacturer have four achievements: spare parts replacements (1908), motorized starter (1912), first to mass-produce the V8 engine (1914), and development of the synchronized transmission (1929). Today's modern automobile technologies have influences from Cadillac, including the airbag safety restraint system (1974) and "NightVision" technology (2000).

Cadillac's history has many technological innovations and premiers that continue to the present. Some of the Cadillac innovations in whole, or part, are:

  • Adaptive Seating

    Adjustable airbag seats were introduced on the Cadillac Seville STS in 1998. The Seville was the first car to offer innovative technology for adjusting seats.

  • Adaptive Suspension

    Cadillac's first contribution to road and ride control system was in 1993. The Road Sensing System (RSS) could adapt to varying road conditions.

  • Airbag Restraint System

    It was introduced in 1974 by Cadillac along with Oldsmobile and Buick. This automatic safety deployment system is standard on all new vehicles.

  • Automatic Headlight Dimming

    Cadillac introduced the “electronic eye” in 1951 as a safety feature. Light sensors would automatically detect oncoming traffic and dim the high beam to reduce blinding glare.

  • Electric Starter Motor

    The 1912 Cadillac Thirty caused a sensation in the automotive world with the electric starter.

These are a few of the many Cadillac technological innovations that continues today. You are welcome to visit Van Cadillac and talk with one of our courteous professionals to answer all of your questions.

Cadillac is today as innovative as ever. Visit Van Cadillac and discover why.