Cadillac Introduces InnerSpace Autonomous Concept at CES 2022  

Recently, Cadillac added an idea for a future vehicle that would be electric and autonomous for two people. Here's some information on how Cadillac imagines this to work in the future with its InnerSpace vehicle.


This idea is part of the Cadillac Halo Concept Portfolio for vehicles of the future. This is an idea for not just allowing passengers to transport themselves from A to B but to do it in luxury. These concepts aren't for vehicles that you might see around in the next year or two, and these designs are initial ideas for vehicles to come out in the next decade or even further than that.

They are part of the GM idea for autonomous driving to work towards a world that has zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero traffic congestion. At this point, the Halo concepts, including the InnerSpace vehicle, are all nothing more than possible ideas.

The first one that Cadillac put out last year started with the personal space vehicle, which was a single-seater that could fly vertically and then land. The idea for it was to get above traffic and fly over it. The next one was called SocialSpace, which was an autonomous vehicle with space that had 6 passengers. The concept was about making it so that people could recharge and relax even while they were traveling. It would be as if they were anywhere else, like on a couch somewhere, instead of speeding through the world.

These concept vehicles were made to reimagine how travelers could feel if they didn't have to drive. The dramatic designs available here are all different takes on what it might be like in the future to travel in these vehicles without even needing to pay attention to the actual space you are driving through since the vehicles are fully self-driving.

InnerSpace is the pair of people version, imagining a couple or friends getting to share a space while they move through the space between the starting and ending points.

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