Top Cadillac Features for 2023  

Cadillac has satisfied American consumers for more than a century. This iconic auto brand continues to dominate the luxury segment on numerous fronts. Let's take a closer look at some top features that are available on 2023 Cadillac models in the United States.

Cadillac Combines Luxury With Cutting-Edge Technology

Cadillac offers some of the most innovative electronic technologies in the marketplace. Select 2023 models are available with a 12-inch instrument cluster with a user-oriented, highly intuitive interface. Delivering warning messages and other feedback in real-time, the all-digital monitor can be reconfigured according to the driver's preferences. Of course, the legendary Cadillac User Experience infotainment system is typically the heart and soul of every new model. From wireless Android Auto to multi-device Bluetooth streaming, the CUE multimedia platform offers seamless connections. You'll also get a Wi-Fi modem with high-speed connections for several devices at the same time. A GPS navigation system is widely available for the latest CUE infotainment consoles. Similarly, the Connected Apps are loaded with convenient applications from General Motors. If you're looking for some of the best entertainment in the segment, get a Cadillac model with a high-end audio system from Bose or AKG. In fact, the American automaker has formed amazing relationships with some of the world's leading producers of sound systems. Some models have noise-reducing technologies and other features that enrich acoustics.

When it comes to safety technologies, Cadillac leads the industry on many fronts. This iconic brand offers night vision cameras that precisely detect animals, pedestrians, and vehicles from hundreds of feet away. You can also get a high-definition monitor that shows multiple views of the vicinity in real-time. Some models even have a head-up display with crystal-clear visuals on the windshield. If you want an additional set of eyes, get a trim that has a digital rearview mirror. Of course, new Cadillac models are available with some of the leading parking technologies on the market. For example, sonar sensors are purposefully integrated into the bumpers and fenders of Cadillac vehicles. Some models even flaunt automatic parking for the ultimate convenience in urban areas. Incorporated into the windshield, the Collision Alert uses reflective LED technology to warn you of potential trouble. Additionally, Cadillac cars offer the Super Cruise package for hands-free handling on a wide range of American highways.

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