When Does Cadillac Plan To Be All Electric?  

Cadillac plans to focus on all-electric vehicles by 2030. They plan to do this more quickly than their parent company GM, which plans to hit this milestone by 2035.

Cadillac and EV

A big symbol of what Cadillac is going to try to accomplish this decade is the all-electric Lyriq. This has been touted as the “beginning of the end” for internal combustion engines. This is the first all-electric vehicle from Cadillac, and it's the first of what will be many all-electric options by the end of the decade.

There will be no new ICE options, as making new combustion engine designs is something that Cadillac has vowed not to do anymore. This means that the last one is going to be the redesigned option, the Escalade SUV.

This means, of course, that Cadillac will continue to sell combustion engine designs for now, but they simply will not be making any new ones. They will cease production of all combustion vehicles by the end of the decade, or at least that is their goal. Cadillac is also not planning on spending any more money on their current combustion cars outside of the standard updates, also called mid-cycle refreshes. There are for the vehicles currently on sale.


The new EV, the Lyriq, will be one of the first vehicles to be on the new, next-gen EV platform for GM. It also uses its battery system, which is called Ultium. In order to make production easier, they are only going to offer one trim for this vehicle to start. They do have luxury options for this EV, including the 33 inches LED screen that goes across the driver's vision without blocking the road. The Lyric will have a decent range of up to 300 miles. It's also going to be able to get 76 miles or so of range when they hook up to a DC fast charger.

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