Car Not Accelerating

There will be instances when your vehicle needs to be serviced by the expert technicians at Van Cadillac. Some service appointments will be scheduled for routine maintenance purposes. There will also be the need for repairs. If you are driving and notice that there is a problem with the acceleration of your automobile, there are a number of issues that we'll look for during your service appointment. We'll quickly get you back to normal acceleration so you can keep up with the other vehicles on the road.

Checking Issues with Your Mass Air Flow Sensor or Oxygen Sensor

The more you drive your vehicle, the dirtier your mass airflow sensor and oxygen sensor will get. If these parts become too dirty, your acceleration can be affected along with your vehicle's efficiency. It's possible to have your mass airflow sensor cleaned by a professional, but oxygen sensors typically have to be replaced when they become damaged or dirty.

Problems with Your Throttle Position Sensor

Your throttle position sensor serves the purpose of monitoring the angle of the opening on your throttle valve. Your engine's computer will adjust accordingly. If the readings are not being appropriately computed, your acceleration rate will be affected. You may also notice decreased performance overall.

Fuel Filter Clogs

Keeping dirt and other particulates out of your engine is imperative if you want to protect the integrity of your vehicle, and your fuel filter is an important part of this. If you're noticing a lack of acceleration, you may have a clogged or dirty fuel filter. This is preventing the right amounts of fuel from getting to your engine. It's very simple to replace this filter, and it should fix the problem.

Air Filter Replacement

You need your vehicle's air filter to be replaced every so often. The frequency will depend on the make and model of the car you have, and you can find this information in your owner's manual. Replacing your air filter is a quick process, and we can add this task to your routine maintenance appointment that you have coming up if you notice decreased acceleration speeds.

We here at Van Cadillac encourage you to reach out to our dealership if you're located in the Kansas City area and have noticed that your vehicle isn't accelerating at the speed it should be. You should also keep an eye on your dashboard for a check engine light that may indicate one of these common problems is occurring.


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